The Cat taking over the Flat!

I had this ambition to make blog entries here regular. I really suck at updating anything on the Internet, so I’m trying to make this one place active at least, but well, I fail. A lot was happening though. For example I just moved to a new flat at the end of April. Which rocks (the flat, not the month). I found out I really enjoy designing and decorating it. On a small surface (40m sq., 1 tiny bedroom, 1 living room connected with the kitchen and a small corner with my desk, 1 bathroom) I managed to make bits of it in sort of Japanese style (the bathroom), and some with modern Polish folk bits, which I like a lot. But all of that doesn’t matter much, because the best looking bit of it is the Cat anyway ;)

Take a look at the photos! I rarely share something this personal, because it feels weird for some reason, but I’m just really happy how it looks :) Some bits are still unfinished (like we don’t have a wardrobe, just plastic bags for clothes, and no shelves), waiting for the time when I have less work and can focus on it again.

As a bonus – Lola conquering my back and some food. I like making food.
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Lola joined us on 11th December 2011. She’s my first cat, already 4,5 years old, as we took her from friends who had to let her go because of their kid’s allergy. I gotta say her name suits her, she really is a cute, petite lady. And her nose! Sometimes I call her Loa, because of it :)

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