Cinders: making-of

This making-of was originally divided into a few posts, but I decided to merge them into one, for better reading experience. Warning! Lots of pictures inside ;)
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Periodically updated post with comparisons of repainted pictures. Usually oldies that some client wanted, and I cringed my teeth looking at it, so went ahead and touched it up :). I like repainting oldies, it’s a perfect excuse to touch up the pieces I like, but got really old already. Also – it’s a nice exercise and allows me to see the progress I made. Although I’m never really satisfied even with my most recent things (I guess it’s a healthy attitude, though).
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d’artiste Fashion Design

d’artiste Fashion Design by Ballistic Publishing is out now! It features great tutorials by 3 awesome artists, my artwork (Rabbit Heart) is in the Invited Artists Gallery in the Loish’s section. I just got my copy and I really recommend it. One of the most inspiring artbooks I got since a long time, especially if you’re into general character design.

Here you can see all pages and order it. It’s also available on Amazon and in other bookstores.

Other, recent Ballistic Publishing artbooks with my art inside:

+ the rest of Exotique series (except 5) & Painter.

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