Basic Painting Set

These are brushes I use for almost everything. I like to experiment, but when painting I often have strict deadlines and prefer to stick to just a few, mostly standard ones. See the picture for a longer description. I usually paint with pretty high opacity and flow, but depending on a tablet or colour palette I sometimes change it. As seen on the picture – I basically use just those marked red, but the rest are fun to experiment with. Download

Textured Painting Brushes

Those brushes were actually created by accident. I was experimenting with one shape, merging it from duplicating one of the basic scattered brush, but in the end it gave me 5 brushes I like to use in more textured paintings. I often make many new brushes for a one-time use, often forgetting to save them for later, but I decided to keep & share these ones. They’re pretty fun to work with. Download

Disclaimer & copyrights:

  • All brushes placed here need a tablet and tablet drivers to work properly. They were created strictly for painting, not general design.
  • They were made and tested in Photoshop CS4. They should work in all newer and some older versions, but I can’t guarantee that nor help you if they don’t.
  • The brushes placed here were created by me or are based on standard Photoshop brushes. However if I put here any brushes that were not my own I will state it clearly in the description.
  • Copyrights: use them any way you like, for free and no credits are required, just don’t put them on your own website without a link to me and do not claim you made them.