Some of you might have noticed I was recently finishing some of the older wips. This is because I needed a few pieces for one publication. The client wanted some of the oldies as well, so I had the perfect excuse to touch up the pieces I like, but that got really old already. Here are two of them. I like both as concepts, but the first is really dear to me, as it was my first piece published in a professional artbook, back in 2005 (or 2006, not sure).
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PSP Tubes

I’ve been pretty silent about recent events regarding the closure of PTE and what I’m planning to do next. There are two reasons for that: one is that I’ve been swarmed with work and had no time for that (this is still true, actually), second one is a bit more complicated – I have no idea what to do about it. That’s why I’m writing this post here, because I want an open discussion with you and this is the only place where you can leave comments without the need to create an account (unlike facebook or deviantart, and I know not everyone uses those). I want to share my thoughts about it and ask for your opinion. *edit* Thanks for all your comments, they were really helpful! In the end I decided to go with CDO, all my older tubes and some new ones will be available there starting from 7th October! :)

Cinders making-of #4

Main characters!

This is the last post about the making of Cinders. It was supposed to be the first one, but I thought if I’m going to reveal Cinders’ ball dresses it might be better to wait a bit. So, just in case, this post obviously contains spoilers.
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Cinders making-of #3


Some turned out well, some turned out okay, and some I just can’t stand. Let’s see :)
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Cinders making-of #2

The Godmothers

Okay, I’ll try to avoid the obvious bits about duality, different moral choices, the Godmothers representing two views on life et cetera. I’m sure everybody knows how it works. But why did we choose to have two instead of one in the first place? Well, that’s another topic. We thought that if there would be a real Cinderella, who survived on her own for so long without any help, she surely would know better than to accept the help from otherworldly beings that promise good things and want nothing in return. Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it? That’s how Madame Ghede was born. A “Godmother” with her own interests and goals. Mysterious, yes, but also very rational and with a no-bullshit attitude. Once we had that idea it was very easy to develop a full character.

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Cinders making-of #1

I have quite a few materials left from Cinders’ development process and I thought it would be nice to talk about some of them. First things first:

The Menu!

The whole concept of the menu was that it was supposed to be heavily stylised, inspired by secession and art-deco themes, drawn in just a few colours. This was going to be the general scheme for the whole game, linking all the GUI elements together. Like a layout for a book that you can easily tell apart from the others. Something we can use for more than one fairytale, making it a part of consistent series. And I think we succeeded. Think of XIXth and early XXth Century posters for plays and films. It was always a stylised illustration that became iconic, not the visuals of the movie / play itself. Just take a look:

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Cinders is out!

Our first game as MoaCube is out! This is a very important première for us. It’s just the beginning, the first project of (hopefully) many more to come. Everything depends, of course, on the players. I won’t lie – this is a big risk for us. We have great ideas and potential, but surviving out there as an indie team, without external funding, is challenging. Before MoaCube, we worked for other gaming companies, but we decided to start our own thing. That way we can create smaller, but very polished products, that we can sign as ours and be proud of them, responsible for every single detail. Last year we were basically living only on our savings (and some commissions in my case) and it was quite stressful. But I think we finally managed to make the game we wanted. I’d like to tell you why many players should find Cinders fun – from my point of view. I don’t want to promote it shamelessly, just explain why we wanted our first game to be a visual novel, and why it’s a bit different from many other out there. But first.. some screenshots!

The Cat taking over the Flat!

I had this ambition to make blog entries here regular. I really suck at updating anything on the Internet, so I’m trying to make this one place active at least, but well, I fail. A lot was happening though. For example I just moved to a new flat at the end of April. Which rocks (the flat, not the month). I found out I really enjoy designing and decorating it. On a small surface (40m sq., 1 tiny bedroom, 1 living room connected with the kitchen and a small corner with my desk, 1 bathroom) I managed to make bits of it in sort of Japanese style (the bathroom), and some with modern Polish folk bits, which I like a lot. But all of that doesn’t matter much, because the best looking bit of it is the Cat anyway ;)

Take a look at the photos! I rarely share something this personal, because it feels weird for some reason, but I’m just really happy how it looks :) Some bits are still unfinished (like we don’t have a wardrobe, just plastic bags for clothes, and no shelves), waiting for the time when I have less work and can focus on it again.

As a bonus – Lola conquering my back and some food. I like making food.
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d’artiste Fashion Design

d’artiste Fashion Design by Ballistic Publishing is out now! It features great tutorials by 3 awesome artists, my artwork (Rabbit Heart) is in the Invited Artists Gallery in the Loish’s section. I just got my copy and I really recommend it. One of the most inspiring artbooks I got since a long time, especially if you’re into general character design.

Here you can see all pages and order it. It’s also available on Amazon and in other bookstores.

Other, recent Ballistic Publishing artbooks with my art inside:

+ the rest of Exotique series (except 5) & Painter.


Lola joined us on 11th December 2011. She’s my first cat, already 4,5 years old, as we took her from friends who had to let her go because of their kid’s allergy. I gotta say her name suits her, she really is a cute, petite lady. And her nose! Sometimes I call her Loa, because of it :)

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