Name: Gracjana Zielińska
Born: 02.december.1983
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Occupation: Art Director at Vile Monarch
All things 2D at MoaCube, freelance illustration.

Experienced in: illustration, concept art, costume & character design, graphic design, art for games.

Some past clients / publishers: Ars Thanea, Plastic / Sony, Windrider Games / FFG, Corel, Greenpeace, Ballistic Publishing, Harper Design, Osprey Publishing, Breakpoint games, Twistbox games, Wolf-Fang, Software Press, Gameleons, Ilex Press, Moderna, Operon, Codeminion, Nitreal Games, World Loom, Avantura Studio, Artifex Mundi, Blue Angel Publishing.

Excerpt from resume:


» Artbooks: D’Artiste: Character Design, D’Artiste: Fashion Design, Exposé 9, 10, Exotique series (1-4, 6, 7), Painter, Gothic Art Now, The Age of European Drawing, Vampire Art Now, Erotic Fantasy Art, Drakaina, This War of Mine.
» Magazines: 2D Artist Magazine,, Corel Painter Official Magazine, .PSD Photoshop, Irregular Magazine, Borg, Asylum Ink, Anime+, DPI and other.
» CCG, Board Games, RPG & books: Citadels, Crystalicum, In Dark Alleys, OZ:CCG, Zombies: A Hunters’ Guide, Oracle Cards.
» Other: Corel Painter XI & XII splash screen artworks, art for Neil Gaiman’s A Calendar of Tales.


» MoaCubeCinders, Solstice: all game art, ArcMagi: character portraits.
» Artifex Mundi – various outsourced locations & puzzles (Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones, Grim Legends 2).
» Codeminion – Phantasmat: concept art, puzzles, gui, characters & final locations.
» Gameleons – various mobile games, for example: World Volleyball, Block’N’Roll, FMX Rage, Foosball.
» Other: Nitreal Games, Breakpoint Games, Twistbox Games, World Loom (The Cursed Ship character art and animations), Game Factory – various art assets (mobile / casual), Aartform Games (Tempest Citadel – characters, gui, concept art), Plastic / Sony (Bound).

Exhibitions & Events:

» at Pyrkon with Artist on Board, Poznań 2016, 2017
» at MFKiG with Artist on Board, Łódź 2015, 2016
» at Avangarda X with Artist on Board, Warsaw 2015
» Student’s Diploma exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź 2010
» ADAPT2008 Art Expo (Corel’s Gallery), Montreal 2008
» Pyrkon, art exhibition with few other members of, Poznań 2007
» ADAPT2007 Art Expo (Corel’s Gallery), Montreal 2007
» ComX Magazine artists’ exhibition, Łaffka Gallery, Warsaw 2005
» Individual exhibition in “Studio Sztuki”, Warsaw 2004